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The Irish Rossiter Ancestors and their Worldwide Descendants and Connections - Volume 1

Here are the names Contained in Volume 1

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Section 1

Section 2
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Barbara ROSSITER, Barnabie ROSSITER, Barnaby ROSSITER, Barrett ROSSITER, Bartell ROSSITER, Bartholomew ROSSITER, Bathazar ROSSITER, Bernadette ROSSITER, Bernard ROSSITER, Bess ROSSITER, Beth ROSSITER, Betty ROSSITER, Biale ROSSITER, Bob ROSSITER, Bridget ROSSITER

Section 3
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Caroline ROSSITER, Cath ROSSITER, Catherine ROSSITER, Cathy ROSSITER, Cecilia ROSSITER, Charles ROSSITER, Chaterine ROSSITER, Christine ROSSITER, Clare ROSSITER, Colm ROSSITER

Section 4
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Daniel ROSSITER, David ROSSITER, Definia ROSSITER, Delia OSSITER, Denis ROSSITER, Dora ROSSITER

Section 5
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Edward ROSSITER, Elane ROSSITER, Eleanor ROSSITER, Elenor ROSSITER, Eliz ROSSITER, Eliza ROSSITER, Elizabeth ROSSITER, Ellen ROSSITER, Ellin ROSSITER, Ellon ROSSITER, Esther ROSSITER, Eustace ROSSITER

Section 6
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Fanny ROSSITER, Female ROSSITER, Florence ROSSITER, Frances ROSSITER, Francesca ROSSITER, Francis ROSSITER

Section 7
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Gabriel (196) ROSSITER, George ROSSITER, Gertrude ROSSITER, Gonan ROSSITER, Gregory ROSSITER

Section 8
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Hannah ROSSITER, Harvey ROSSITER, Helen ROSSITER, Henry ROSSITER, Ignatius ROSSITER, Isabelle ROSSITER, Ivane ROSSITER

Section 9
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - John ROSSITER, Jonathan ROSSITER

Section 10
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - Judith ROSSITER, Judy ROSSITER, Julia ROSSITER, Julie ROSSITER, Julianna ROSSITER

Section 11
Rossiter Christian Names Listed - William ROSSITER, Winifred ROSSITER

Section 12
Rossiter Connecting Families Listed - Margaret ARCHBOLD, Ted ARTHUR, Marcella ASPEL, Joseph ATKINSON, Walter BAILEY, Pat BARNES, Anastasia BARRON, Johanna BARRON, ?Elizabeth? BARRY, Anne BARRY, Catherine BARRY, James BARRY, Mary BARRY, Thomas BARRY, Bridget BATES, Elizabeth BAYLE, Peggy BEALE, Mary BEALY/HEALY, Elenor BEARNY, Cecilia BENT, Margaret BENT, Mary BENT, Michael BENT, Michael BENT, Duke BERWICK, Mary BEUNOIDE, Mary BIRDTHISTLE, William BIRDTHISTLE, Martin BIRGUS, Peter BIRGUS, Bill BLAKE, Male BLAKE, Mary BLAKE, Robert BLAKE, Alley BOGAN, Female BOGGAN , Judith BOGGAN, Thomas BOGGAN, John BOND, James BOSTOCK, Jane BOSTOCK, Josiah BOSTOCK, Elizabeth BOUCHIER, Honora BOURKE, Stephen BOW, William BOW, George BOWYER, Mary BOWYER, Mary BOYLE, Mary BOYNE, Female BREEM, Bill BREEN, Bridget BREEN, Catherine BREEN, Elizabeth BREEN, James BREEN, John BREEN, John BREEN, Patt BREEN, Thomas BREEN, Alice BRENER, Bill BRENNAN, John BRENNAN, Margaret BRENNAN, Mary BRENNAN, Morlogh BRENNAN, Myles BRESLIN, Catherine BRIEN, Mark BRINAGIN, Walter BRINAGIN, Bridget BROADERS, Murtagh BROADERS, Peter BROADERS, Christopher BRODERICK, Ann BROGAN, Catherine BROWN, Joseph BROWN, Patrick BROWN, Alice BROWNE, Bart BROWNE, Billy BROWNE, Bridget BROWNE, Daniel BROWNE, Elizabeth BROWNE, Ellen BROWNE, Ellen BROWNE, Female BROWNE, Frances BROWNE, Frank BROWNE, Hannah BROWNE, Harry BROWNE, Henry BROWNE, J BROWNE, James BROWNE, Jane BROWNE, Johanna BROWNE, John BROWNE, Joseph BROWNE, Katie BROWNE, Leonard BROWNE, Maggie BROWNE, Martin BROWNE, Mary BROWNE, Michael BROWNE, Mina BROWNE, Molly BROWNE, Paddy BROWNE, Patrick BROWNE, Susie BROWNE, Thomas BROWNE, Tom BROWNE, Tony BROWNE, Valentine (76) BROWNE, William BROWNE, ..…..BROWNRIGG, Ann BRYAN, Catherine BRYAN, Joan BRYAN, Paul BRYAN, Cathy BULGER, Edward BULGER, Mary BULGER, Cathy BURKE, Nic BURKE, Daniel BURNE, Judith BURNE, Bridget BUSHER/BRUSHER, Margaret BUSHER/BRUSHER, Adam BUTLER, Andy BUTLER, Catherine BUTLER, David BUTLER, Female BUTLER, John BUTLER, Larry BUTLER, Liz BUTLER, Margaret BUTLER, Minny BUTLER, Richard BUTLER, Darby BYRN, Mary BYRN, Bridget BYRNE, Catherine BYRNE, Edward BYRNE, Eleanor BYRNE, Female BYRNE, Frances BYRNE, Henry BYRNE, John BYRNE, Lula BYRNE, Madeline BYRNE, Male BYRNE, Margaret BYRNE, Marian BYRNE, Mary BYRNE, Patrick BYRNE, Sarah BYRNE

Section 13
Rossiter Connected Families Listed - Ellen CAFEY, Cathy CAFY, Bill CAHILL, Margaret CANNON, Mary CAPITOLINA MORAN, Joanna CARDIFF, William CARDIFF, Margaret CARLEY, Cathy CARLY, Stephen CARLY, Bridget CARNEY, Catherine CARR, Margaret CARROLL, Mary CARROLL, Fanny CARTER, Mary CARTON/CARSTON, Cathy CARTY, Margaret CARTY, Mary CARTY, Silvestor CARTY, Catherine CASH, James CASH, Peter CASH, Joan CASKER, Male CASKER, Austace ASKER /COSKER, Johanna CASKER/COSKER, Joan CASSIDY, Anna CAUFIELD, Mary CHAPMAN, Edward CHEEVERS, Mary CHEEVERS, Philip CHEEVERS, Elizabeth CHRISTRAN, Arabella CHURCHILL, John CLAMPET, John CLANCY, Ted CLANCY, Mary CLARK, Michael CLARK, Lucy CLARKE, Female CLEAR, Alice CLEARY, Bridget CLEARY, Catherine CLEARY, Christine CLEARY, Edward LEARY, Sally CLEARY, Sarah CLEARY, Stephen CLEARY, John CLEARY/CLARY, Anne CLEARY, Mary CLONEY, Edward CLOUGH, Margaret CLOUGH, Samuel CLOUGH, Biddy CLOWRY, Charles COADY, Anastasia CODD, Anstace CODD, Cathe CODD, Catherine CODD, Cathy CODD, James CODD, John CODD, Judy CODD, Margaret CODD, Martin CODD, Mary CODD, Mick CODD, Nicholas CODD, Patrick CODD, Richard CODD, Thomas CODD, Lizy CODY, Mary CODY, Pierce CODY, William CODY, Catherine COGHNEY, Patrick COGLEY, Bridget COLFER, Margaret COLFER, Mary COLFER/LEOPLER, Eleanor COLLIN, John COLLIN, Anne COLLINS, Female COMER, Females COMER, Male COMER, David CONDON, Miriam CONLEY, Kate CONNELLY, Margaret CONNELLY, Mary CONNELLY, Murray CONNELLY, Catherine CONNER, Richard CONNER, Elizabeth CONNERS, James CONNIE, John CONNOLLY, Mary CONNOLLY, Patrick CONNOLLY, Stephen CONNOLLY, John CONNOLY, Edward CONNOR, Ellen CONNOR, James CONNOR, Tom CONNOR, Cornelius CONNORS, Jean CONNORS, Mary CONNORS, Thomas CONNORS, Grace CONRON, Bridget COONEY, Jane COPELAND, John CORDWELL, Sarah CORDWELL, B CORK, Ellen CORMACK, Mary CORMACK, Judith CORMICK, Mary CORMICK, Molder CORMICK, Thomas CORNEL, Catherine CORSH, Hugh COSGRAVE, Maggie COSGRAVE, Mary COSGRAVE, Bridget COTTON, Patrick COURTNEY, Annie COX, Ellen CRAWLEY, Bridget CRENNAN, John CRENNAN, Cathy CROFT, Ann CROSBY, James CROSBY, Elizabeth CROSSLEY, James CROSSLEY, Onora CROWER, Bede CUFFEN, Joan CUFFER, Martin CULLATON, Anastasia CULLEN, Andrew CULLEN, Anne CULLEN, Bill CULLEN, Catherine CULLEN, John CULLEN, Lawrence CULLEN, Marie CULLEN, Mary CULLEN, Patrick CULLEN, Richard CULLEN, Vic CULLEN, Will CULLEN, William CULLEN, Catherine CULLEN/QUEEN, Mary CULLETON, Margaret CULLITAN, Anastasia CULLITON, John CULLITON, Pat CULLITON, Marie CUMMINS, Charles CUNDIFF, John CUNDIFF, Margaret CUNN, Robert CUNN, Mary CURSITULE, Mary CUROTHAM, John CUROTHAM

Section 14
Rossiter Connected Families Listed - Elizabeth D'ARCY, Sir D'ARCY, Jack DACEY, Nancy DACEY, Rebecca DACEY, Edward DALTON, Catherine DALY, John DALY, Francis DARLINGTON, Andrea DAY, Johanna DAY, Earl DE BURGO, Sir DE LA SINNOTT, Robert DE RAYMOND, Lambert DE ROSEI, Male DE ROSEI, Anne DEAN, Elizabeth DEAN, James DEAN, Joseph DEAN, Male DEGHAN, James DELANEY, John DELANEY, Larry DELANEY, Mary DELANEY, Tom DELANEY, Katorina DELEHUT, Male DELEHUT, Mary DELEHUT, Anastacia DEMPSEY, Bessey DEMPSEY, Bridget DEMPSY, Mary DENNY, Male DEVERAL, Alice DEVEREUX, Alison DEVEREUX, Anstace DEVEREUX, Catherine DEVEREUX, Edward DEVEREUX, Elizabeth DEVEREUX, Ellen DEVEREUX, John DEVEREUX, Lawrence DEVEREUX, Margaret DEVEREUX, Mary DEVEREUX, Mick DEVEREUX, Miles DEVEREUX, Patrick DEVEREUX, Philip DEVEREUX, Richard DEVEREUX, Robert DEVEREUX, Sir DEVEREUX, Will DEVEREUX, William DEVEREUX, Jane DILLON, Mary DILLON, Matthew DILLON, Betsy DIXON, Edward DIXON, Francis DIXON, George DIXON, Gilbert DIXON, John DIXON, Maggie DIXON, Male DIXON, Mariana DIXON, Matthew DIXON, Nicholas DIXON, Patrick DIXON, Philip DIXON, Richard DIXON, Robert DIXON, Frances DONNELLY, Anne DONOHOE, Betty DONOLAN, Margaret DONOVAN, William DOOLAN, Justin DORAN, Margaret DORAN, James DOUGAN, Mary DOUGAN, Anne DOWE, John DOWLIN, Anne DOWN, Tom DOWN, John DOWNING, Anstace DOYLE, Bridget DOYLE, Eleanor DOYLE, Eliza DOYLE, Frank DOYLE, James DOYLE, Johanna DOYLE, Judith DOYLE, Male DOYLE, Margaret DOYLE, Martin DOYLE, Mary DOYLE, Michael DOYLE, Patrick DOYLE, Ellen DUFF, Mary DUFF, Ann DUFFIN, Hugh DUFFY, James DUFFY, Matthew DUKE. James DUKE OF MONMOUTH, Edward DULON, Catherine DUNBARTEN, James DUNCAN, Patrick DUNCAN, Bridget DUNN, Joseph DUNN, Margaret DUNN, Elizabeth DUTTON, William DUTTON, Mary DUTTON

Section 15
Rossiter Connected Families Listed - John EARLES, Patrick EARLES, Eliza EATON, Eleanor EDGELL/EDFELL, John EDWARDS, Mary EDWARDS, Mary EGAN, Female ENGLES, John ENGLES, Anne ENGLISH, Margaret ENGLISH, John ENNIS, Male ENNIS, Margaret ENNIS, Philip ENNIS, Robert ENNIS, Alice ERWIN, Tom ERWIN, James ESMOND, Male ESMOND, John EUSTACE, Margaret EUSTACE

Section 16
Rossiter Connected Families Listed - William FANSHAWWE, Patrick FARRELL, Margaret FENDLEN, Geoffrey FERESTAL/FORESTOL, Gregory FEROSTAL/ FERESTALL, Pat FIN, Anne FINN, Female FITZ... , Ellen FITZCARRY, Margaret FITZGERALD, Michael FITZGERALD. Brian FITZHENRY, Edward (78) FITZHENRY, Elinor FITZHENRY, Female FITZHENRY, John FITZHENRY, Male FITZNICHOLAS, Male FLANNIGAN, Baron FLEMMING, Margaret FLEMMING, Bridget FLIN, Catherine FLOYD, Ellen FOLEY, Lawrence FOLEY, Margaret FOLEY, Margaret FORD, Bridget FORTUNE, Catherine FORTUNE. Clara FORTUNE, James FORTUNE, John FORTUNE, Judith FORTUNE. Liz FORTUNE, Luke FORTUNE, Male FORTUNE, Margaret FORTUNE, Mary FORTUNE, Nicholas FORTUNE, Sophia FOX, William FOYERS, Jane FRANCIS, William FRANCIS, Mary FRAYN, Edward FRAYNE, Bridget FREEMAN, Female FRENCH, John FRENCH, Nicholas FRENCH, Ellenon FRENCH, Alice FURLONG, Andrew FURLONG, Ann FURLONG, Anstace FURLONG, Bridget FURLONG, Catherine FURLONG, David FURLONG, Edward FURLONG, Edwina FURLONG, Eliza FURLONG, Ellen FURLONG, Female FURLONG, Gerald FURLONG, Gertrude FURLONG, James FURLONG, Jane FURLONG, Jas FURLONG, John FURLONG, Joseph FURLONG, Kate FURLONG, M FURLONG, Male FURLONG, Margaret FURLONG, Marie FURLONG, Mark FURLONG, Mary FURLONG, Matthew FURLONG, Michael FURLONG, Nicholas FURLONG, Patrick FURLONG, Peter FURLONG, Richard FURLONG, Stephen FURLONG, Thomas FURLONG, William FURLONG, Tony FURLONG, Walter FURLONG, Toby FURLONG

Section 17
Rossiter Connected Families Listed - Alison WADDING, Catherine WADDING, David WADDING, Eleanor WADDING, Isabel WADDING, James WADDING, Joan WADDING, John WADDING, Luke WADDING, Margaret WADDING, Marion WADDING, Nic WADDING, Nick WADDING, Patrick WADDING, Philip WADDING, Richard WADDING, Thomas WADDING, Will WADDING, Mary WADDING/WADDICK, Female WADDOCK, Gregory WADDOCK, Marion WADDOCK, Jane WADE, John WADE, Walter WADE, Christine WAIFH, John WAIFH, John WAIFH/MAIFH, David WAIFH/MAIFH, Joan WAILFH, Richard WAILFH, Joan WAILFIHWAITFH, Mary WALKER, Anne WALL, Catherine WALLACE, Beth WALSH, Bridget WALSH, Eleanor WALSH, Female WALSH, James WALSH, John WALSH, Mary WALSH, Molly WALSH, Robert WALSH, Stephen WALSH, Thomas WALSH, Lucy WALTERS, Male WARD, Margaret WARD, Emily WARD MCKEON, June WARDE, Elizabeth WARDEN, Anne WARRANT, Peggy WARRANT, Anne WARREN, Margaret WARREN, Mary WARREN, Ric WEALE, Mary WEBB, Female WELSH, Margaret WELSH, Mary WELSH, Mary WHALE, Eliza WHALLEY/WHEALLY, Male WHEALAN, Cath WHELAN, Catherine WHELAN, Margaret WHELAN, Martin WHELAN, Patrick WHELAN, Mary WHELAN/WHALEN, Ellin WHELIN, Anastatia WHITE, Bartholomew WHITE, Jac WHITE, James WHITE, John WHITE, Margaret WHITE, Mary WHITE, Maryanne WHITE, Nick WHITE, Patrick WHITE, Rerers WHITE, Mary WHITMORE, William WHITMORE, Anastasia WHITTY, Catherine WHITTY, Joan WHITTY, Nicholas WHITTY, Arthur WICHINGHAM, John WICKHAM, Male WICKHAM, Marian WICKHAM, Mary WICKHAM, Mary WICKINGHAM, Mary WIDDUP, Matthew WIDDUP, Jane WILLIAMS, Mary WINTER, John WITHAN, Male WITHAN, Cathy WITHER, Tracey WRIGHT, Edward WRIXON ROSSITER, Frances WRIXON,ROSSITER, Grace WRIXON ROSSITER, John WRIXON ROSSITER, Patricia WRIXON ROSSITER, Thomas WRIXON ROSSITER, Mary YARWOOD, James YARWOOD, Walter WRIXON ROSSITER



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