Nick Foles gets a chance to play against Tom Brady again


Much has changed since Super Bowl LII. Tom Brady now is in Tampa Bay, and Nick Foles calls Chicago home.

The two meet for a second time as starting quarterbacks Thursday, the first time since Foles earned Super Bowl MVP honors by outdueling the GOAT.

“He’s one of the greatest of all-time at the quarterback position,” Foles said, via Sean Hammond of the DeKalb Daily Chronicle. “We’ve played against each other really just one time.”

Foles’ favorite memory of the Eagles’ 41-33 victory over the Patriots is not the Philly Special or holding the MVP award but of confetti falling on he and his daughter, Lily.

“It’s not about the game,” Foles said. “It’s about the people you do it with and the hard journey you go on, the ups and downs. When you win, everything is great. When you lose, it’s all criticism. You, finally at the end of the journey, get to sit there with all the people you went through it with and have that moment. That’s what I talk about when I say the locker room and building relationships. If you’re ever blessed enough to win a Super Bowl or do anything, you’ll realize it’s not even about the trophy.”

This will mark Brady’s third trip to Soldier Field.