Bill Belichick is wearing two masks, apparently at all times


On Monday, the NFL read the riot act to the 32 owners, coaches, and General Managers regarding compliance with all COVID-19 protocols. During Monday night’s game in Kansas City, at the post-game press conference, and during a Tuesday morning press conference, Patriots coach Bill Belichick wore at all times not one but two masks.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked whether Belichick was opting for two masks because of quarterback Cam Newton‘s positive COVID-19 diagnosis and in light of Belichick’s membership in a high-risk classification based on his age.

“No,” Belichick said.

So why is he constantly wearing two masks?

“Basically, that’s what we’ve been instructed to do,” Belichick said.

But they haven’t been instructed to wear two masks. Belichick is over complying, either to ensure that he can’t be accused of not complying — or to make a point, in a passive-aggressive way.

Whatever the reason, get used to Belichick and the two-mask look, which is only a stone’s throw from going full Breaking Bad hazmat suit.